Đặk Glei – Vietnam – Day 22

Dec 25, 2019 — day 22 — 4h44m — 58km — mountains — long ascents and descents

Last night when I reached for the light switch on the wall and accidentally touched the night-light. It let itself onto floor tiles immediately and spread out in thousand pieces. Cost: 50K VND

Our host offered us “free x-mas breakfast”, so we took it. Xoi bap is a mix of rice, corn, beans and some other things and it was quite filling. On our way to the main road we stopped at a cafe. The coffee came with a glass of green tea and a bowel of ice cubes. We waited quite a while to get a finger high black sludge collect on top of the sweet condensed milk.

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Khâm Đức – Vietnam – Day 21

Dec 24, 2019 — day 21 — 4h17m — 58km — couple of 10% hills — dogs — waterfall — a big dam — good road surface.

The a/c was blowing too hard so we turned it off and slept with window open. In the morning, we sat at a banh mi place and ordered two with fried eggs as usual. The weather was cloudy but opened occasionally, with fierce sunshine. HCM road seemed well maintained; half the road was newly resurfaced.

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Hanoi – Vietnam – Days 1,2

Dec 4-5, 2019 — days 1,2 — 2h30m — 37km — arrival — hectic ride — street food — sightseeing

Nervous wait at the baggage carousel ended happily and we walked out to assemble our bicycles. A lady showed up volunteering to recycle the cardboard boxes. Exit from the airport was a bit tricky: no motorbikes or bicycles allowed on arrival/departure roads. We had to find the bike parking and follow people to get to the highway.

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Pacific Marine Circle

All cycling trips should begin or end with a ferry trip, ideally both. This is one of those, if you can ignore the part where you reach the ferry. Luckily for us, public transport helped us on that front. On Tuesday June 11th, we caught an early ride through Canada Line to Richmond and loaded our gear on the bus to catch the 9 o’clock sailing to Tsawwassen. The plan was to cycle the lower part of Vancouver Island, visiting Cowichan River, Port Renfrew and Sooke.

Ferry to Swartz Bay
Ferry to Swartz Bay

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Harrison West

In the name of exploring places closer to home, we decided to take a look at Harrison Lake, BC. The lake is mostly famous for its hot springs on southern end. It’s actually quite large, covering 218 km² and 60km long according to Wikipedia. At the north-end of the lake, there is a small community called Port Douglas, also known as in-SHUCK-ch.

To plan our route I went over to my mapping app and came up with a hypothetical counter-clockwise loop starting from Vancouver, up north following the west side of the lake; then east side of Lillooet River and Lillooet Lake; turning south via Pemberton and follow Sea-to-Sky highway back home, all in seven days. Then we decided to start from Coquitlam to make the first day distance bearable.

Chehalis River
Chehalis River

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