Buôn Ma Thuột – Vietnam – Days 27, 28

Dec 30-31, 2019 — days 27, 28 — 5h — 80km — highlands — backpain

Ants were all over the cockroach we had to kill last night. We packed our bags and headed downstairs. While fumbling with the bike lock, a familiar pain hit my lower back. There is no telling when or why it happens and this was simply bad timing. I tried to stretch a bit to reduce the pain and eventually had to suck it up and hop on the saddle to get going.

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Đặk Glei – Vietnam – Day 22

Dec 25, 2019 — day 22 — 4h44m — 58km — mountains — long ascents and descents

Last night when I reached for the light switch on the wall and accidentally touched the night-light. It let itself onto floor tiles immediately and spread out in thousand pieces. Cost: 50K VND

Our host offered us “free x-mas breakfast”, so we took it. Xoi bap is a mix of rice, corn, beans and some other things and it was quite filling. On our way to the main road we stopped at a cafe. The coffee came with a glass of green tea and a bowel of ice cubes. We waited quite a while to get a finger high black sludge collect on top of the sweet condensed milk.

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Khâm Đức – Vietnam – Day 21

Dec 24, 2019 — day 21 — 4h17m — 58km — couple of 10% hills — dogs — waterfall — a big dam — good road surface.

The a/c was blowing too hard so we turned it off and slept with window open. In the morning, we sat at a banh mi place and ordered two with fried eggs as usual. The weather was cloudy but opened occasionally, with fierce sunshine. HCM road seemed well maintained; half the road was newly resurfaced.

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Hanoi – Vietnam – Days 1,2

Dec 4-5, 2019 — days 1,2 — 2h30m — 37km — arrival — hectic ride — street food — sightseeing

Nervous wait at the baggage carousel ended happily and we walked out to assemble our bicycles. A lady showed up volunteering to recycle the cardboard boxes. Exit from the airport was a bit tricky: no motorbikes or bicycles allowed on arrival/departure roads. We had to find the bike parking and follow people to get to the highway.

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