Pacific Marine Circle

All cycling trips should begin or end with a ferry trip, ideally both. This is one of those, if you can ignore the part where you reach the ferry. Luckily for us, public transport helped us on that front. On Tuesday June 11th, we caught an early ride through Canada Line to Richmond and loaded our gear on the bus to catch the 9 o’clock sailing to Tsawwassen. The plan was to cycle the lower part of Vancouver Island, visiting Cowichan River, Port Renfrew and Sooke.

Ferry to Swartz Bay
Ferry to Swartz Bay

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Tour 2014 – Vancouver to Port Hardy

For this part of journey, I spent 10 days from May 7th to May 16th, cycling 590 km.


The bike was as surprised as I was when I pedaled out of the garage early in the morning. Wobbling under the weight we both made it to North Vancouver and climbed the Taylor Way without issues.


There was a detour on Highway 1, so I ended up riding the Marine Drive and arrived in Horseshoe Bay for the last cup of decent coffee for a long time to come. While adjusting the straps or whatnot I almost missed the ferry.

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Ride To Saltspring

Short stats:

June 3

119 km in 7hr15m with avg 16.4km/hr

June 4

77km in 5hr with avg 15km/hr

The average speed looks awful but I think mostly it’s because when I walk the bike a few times or stop for a photo it all becomes part of the equation. And I’m slow, too!

The Ganges is overrated. The whole island is overrated. It’s big, but mostly hills! I went to Ruckle Provincial Park for the night and it was nice with grassy beachside spots. It is actually inside an old farm which is still active. 18 dollars a night you get a table and a sunset view.

I couldn’t bear the thought of getting back to the hills so I opted out with a ride to Fulford harbour and ferried to Swartz Bay. Lost my way for a minute, then got on track and arrived in Tswassen for a flat (but convoluted) ride to New West. Hopped into Sky Train at Columbia station and I was home after a short cycle along the seawall.