Tour 2014 – Vancouver to Port Hardy

For this part of journey, I spent 10 days from May 7th to May 16th, cycling 590 km.


The bike was as surprised as I was when I pedaled out of the garage early in the morning. Wobbling under the weight we both made it to North Vancouver and climbed the Taylor Way without issues.


There was a detour on Highway 1, so I ended up riding the Marine Drive and arrived in Horseshoe Bay for the last cup of decent coffee for a long time to come. While adjusting the straps or whatnot I almost missed the ferry.

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Ride To Saltspring

Short stats:

June 3

119 km in 7hr15m with avg 16.4km/hr

June 4

77km in 5hr with avg 15km/hr

The average speed looks awful but I think mostly it’s because when I walk the bike a few times or stop for a photo it all becomes part of the equation. And I’m slow, too!

The Ganges is overrated. The whole island is overrated. It’s big, but mostly hills! I went to Ruckle Provincial Park for the night and it was nice with grassy beachside spots. It is actually inside an old farm which is still active. 18 dollars a night you get a table and a sunset view.

I couldn’t bear the thought of getting back to the hills so I opted out with a ride to Fulford harbour and ferried to Swartz Bay. Lost my way for a minute, then got on track and arrived in Tswassen for a flat (but convoluted) ride to New West. Hopped into Sky Train at Columbia station and I was home after a short cycle along the seawall.