Southern Tier: El Paso to Del Rio, TX

The El Paso hostel is a bit run down. I think the clerk put me in the noisiest room. No matter, I am sound asleep. The town has a few decent bike shops and next day I hunt for a couple of spare tubes and spokes. Shop owners seem friendly and helpful. I buy a bus day pass to explore the city, but end up using it only once and walk everywhere. The other side of an avenue south of downtown is all Mexican; shops, produce, signs, people, everything, even the dogs. I thought I passed the border by accident. The waiter in a Thai restaurant keeps asking me how my food is. It got a bit colder since you asked a few minutes ago.

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Southern Tier: Silver City, NM to El Paso, TX

It’s election day in the States. Not that it matters; just an observation.


Before leaving Silver City, I ride to the downtown area to see it in morning light. There is hardly anyone on the streets in cool bright morning. After a delicious coffee in “Diane’s” bakery and a quick grocery shopping, I check out from the motel and head east.

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