Tour 2014 – Johnson’s Crossing to Dawson City

For this section of the journey, I padded the Teslin and Yukon Rivers down to Dawson City for 14 days, from June 18th to July 1st, with a total distance of 750 km.


After I arranged for a canoe and gear rental in Whitehorse, I was transported to the put-in at Johnson’s Crossing in the afternoon. It was next to the bridge that I crossed a few weeks earlier. Rearranging my stuff and the food for the next two weeks was a bit overwhelming. Especially the food! I couldn’t believe how much I brought. I must have been pretty hungry when I was pushing my cart through the aisles of Whitehorse Superstore. Because I was paddling solo, I sit at the bow reverse and put all my gear at the stern, which made the canoe more balanced.


The river flows with an average speed of 7 km/hr, although at the beginning it felt more like a lake. Later on I calculated that I was making about 10 km/hr on average with paddling included. I stayed on the water about 8 hours a day. The sky never gets dark and you feel like you can go forever but when I saw a nice campsite I forced myself to stop. It was easy to follow the topographic features and know exactly where I am on the map. The guidebook I used had possible campsites rated between 5 to 10 and the high rated campsites usually deserved their ranking. I missed a few ones because either I was on the other side of the river or the current was too swift to react on time.

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