Hokkaido – Overview

I think Bengul and I left Hokkaido with a sense of appreciation of its beauty and distinct culture. It was our first experience with Japan and I feel like we hit the jackpot. Even though we had to change our original plans, our second half of the journey well exceeded my expectations and now we have one more reason to come back.

Following is an overall view of all routes we followed on our tour. Individual sections have different colours. You can click on the map to open each section. I’ve used RideWithGPS to plan and draw the maps and it worked great as a planning tool. If you pay a few bucks a month, it lets you download the maps for offline viewing. Navigation is also available during riding but we didn’t need it most of the time. Maybe a free open source app such as OsmDroid is enough too; depends on what you want.

Full route

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Hawai’i Big Island Tour – Overview

The Big Island is ideal for cycle touring if you don’t mind the price tag of shipping (or renting) your bicycles there. I did see a few places here where you can actually buy bicycles under $200 but I’m not sure if it’s worth it.

Food at the store is generally expensive, costing twice or more than it does on mainland, but fresh fruit and vegetable you find in the farmers market can be cheap (especially if it’s a bit bruised) and is well worth the price.

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Big Island Route
Big Island Route

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