Haida Gwaii Tour 2012

I had been reading The Wild Coast series by John Kimantas since I’ve started living in Vancouver, hoping that one day, I too will dip my paddle along the untamed BC coast. Years later, I was still an armchair paddler, having spent only a few weeks on the water. In the summer of 2012, when my contract with my employer was about to expire, I knew that this is the time I’ve been waiting for. People reacted quite differently when my plans began to unfold. I didn’t tell anyone exactly where I was going. Probably because I didn’t know it myself. Initially, I was thinking to take on a southbound journey starting from as far north as I can, maybe from Prince Rupert and to follow the inside passage down to Vancouver… One day someone mentioned Haida Gwaii and that’s when I knew where I wanted to be.

Now as I sit down to write about it, it feels like whatever I put down on paper, I will never be able to convey how it is to be there — not that I ever think it is possible.

I spent six weeks in Haida Gwaii during the months of June and July; paddling, hiking, driving or otherwise doing “nothing”. I experienced all kinds of weather, witnessed amazing wild life and met wonderful people.

See the routes I’ve travelled in Gwaii Haanas and Skidegate Channel.

SPOT tracking marks are here (dates June 8 – July 20, 2012).

And here is a set of pictures from the trip.