Si Phon Don – Laos – Days 63-66

Feb 4-7, 2020 — days 63-66 — Σ 4,040km — waterfalls — island life

Today we said goodbye to Cambodia and entered into Laos. The road to the border was not good, the surface alternating between rough chip seal and washboard dirt. Our friends on motorbikes from last night caught up with us at a restaurant to have iced coffee and we met again later at the border filling out forms. As Canadians, we paid $43 each on a 30-day visa and another $2 each for “stamps”.

Laos side
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Hanoi – Vietnam – Days 1,2

Dec 4-5, 2019 — days 1,2 — 2h30m — 37km — arrival — hectic ride — street food — sightseeing

Nervous wait at the baggage carousel ended happily and we walked out to assemble our bicycles. A lady showed up volunteering to recycle the cardboard boxes. Exit from the airport was a bit tricky: no motorbikes or bicycles allowed on arrival/departure roads. We had to find the bike parking and follow people to get to the highway.

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Hokkaido – Overture

Bengül and I are almost ready for our Hokkaido adventure. We booked our flights two months ago and since then I’ve been trying to learn some essential Japanese phrases,  such as “Where is the toilet?” and “I don’t understand what you’re saying”.

Japan Meteorological Agency site tells me there are no typhoons currently heading towards North, so we should be OK.

Touring Mapple, Hokkaido Section.
Today, a new journey begins.

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