Si Phon Don – Laos – Days 63-66

Feb 4-7, 2020 — days 63-66 — Σ 4,040km — waterfalls — island life

Today we said goodbye to Cambodia and entered into Laos. The road to the border was not good, the surface alternating between rough chip seal and washboard dirt. Our friends on motorbikes from last night caught up with us at a restaurant to have iced coffee and we met again later at the border filling out forms. As Canadians, we paid $43 each on a 30-day visa and another $2 each for “stamps”.

Laos side
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Chambok – Cambodia – Day 48

Jan 20, 2020 — day 48 — 1h48m — 24km — Σ 2,974km — cbet — waterfall — homestay

In Cambodia, some of the remote villages have so called community based eco tourism centers. These are operated by the villagers and most – if not all – of the income goes to the people in the village. We found a nearby one named Chambok CBET, so we decided to try it out.

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Kampot – Cambodia – Days 45, 46

Jan 17-18, 2020 — days 45, 46 — 4h7m — 65km — Σ 2,862km — border crossing — flat tires — tranquility

Our Vietnam adventure was about to end. To step into Cambodia, we cycled nervously to the border gates just outside Ha Tien. We were the only ones at the visa counter. The officer demanded $35 per person to give us a 30-day visa; we didn’t argue. Goodbye Vietnam, you’ve been very kind to us.

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Buôn Ma Thuột – Vietnam – Days 27, 28

Dec 30-31, 2019 — days 27, 28 — 5h — 80km — highlands — backpain

Ants were all over the cockroach we had to kill last night. We packed our bags and headed downstairs. While fumbling with the bike lock, a familiar pain hit my lower back. There is no telling when or why it happens and this was simply bad timing. I tried to stretch a bit to reduce the pain and eventually had to suck it up and hop on the saddle to get going.

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Đặk Glei – Vietnam – Day 22

Dec 25, 2019 — day 22 — 4h44m — 58km — mountains — long ascents and descents

Last night when I reached for the light switch on the wall and accidentally touched the night-light. It let itself onto floor tiles immediately and spread out in thousand pieces. Cost: 50K VND

Our host offered us “free x-mas breakfast”, so we took it. Xoi bap is a mix of rice, corn, beans and some other things and it was quite filling. On our way to the main road we stopped at a cafe. The coffee came with a glass of green tea and a bowel of ice cubes. We waited quite a while to get a finger high black sludge collect on top of the sweet condensed milk.

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