Si Phon Don – Laos – Days 63-66

Feb 4-7, 2020 — days 63-66 — Σ 4,040km — waterfalls — island life

Today we said goodbye to Cambodia and entered into Laos. The road to the border was not good, the surface alternating between rough chip seal and washboard dirt. Our friends on motorbikes from last night caught up with us at a restaurant to have iced coffee and we met again later at the border filling out forms. As Canadians, we paid $43 each on a 30-day visa and another $2 each for “stamps”.

Laos side

The roads in Laos were in much better condition than in Cambodia so far. We took shelter from sun under a large tree to finish off our last mango. There was a waterfall to visit on the way but we skipped it to reach Don Det earlier. This section of the Mekong River is called 4000 Islands, or, Si Phon Don. Don Det is the party island, very small but mainly tourist oriented. There are small boats, single or double, to take passengers (and their bikes) over.

Life on Don Det, and on all the islands we have visited seemed idyllic. The water is much clearer than it was downstream and the scenery is just beautiful.

On the day we arrived we explored Don Det and the next day we cycled over a bridge to reach Don Khon and visited a few historical spots and the impressive Sophamit and Liphi waterfalls. We saw several people fishing at the fast moving water.

There was another waterfall on southeast corner, which requires navigating a few foot bridges. The water levels were low, but still it was a nice sight.

On the next two days we explored the biggest island, Don Khong, and its neighbor Don San. They were much more quiet than the previous ones and there weren’t much tourists around. These islands are sparsely populated by fishermen and farmers.