Buôn Ma Thuột – Vietnam – Days 27, 28

Dec 30-31, 2019 — days 27, 28 — 5h — 80km — highlands — backpain

Ants were all over the cockroach we had to kill last night. We packed our bags and headed downstairs. While fumbling with the bike lock, a familiar pain hit my lower back. There is no telling when or why it happens and this was simply bad timing. I tried to stretch a bit to reduce the pain and eventually had to suck it up and hop on the saddle to get going.

We followed a small road beside the lake to reach the highway and took a break at a banh mi place. The road kept going up and we ended up following a high ridge covered with pine trees. It was cloudy and at the first sign of a drizzle I went into a café. We had coffee, coconut milk and rested lying in a hammock.

The rest of the way was downhill with strong tailwind. We picked a hotel at the city center and checked-in for two days. Buôn Ma Thuột was a good resting spot, not just because I had a back pain, but also, it was new year’s eve and it deserved an extra day for exploring.

We couldn’t do much on arrival day except going out to find a place to eat. Next morning we found an excellent coffee place. It turns out BMT is the capital of Vietnamese coffee. It has many great cafés spread around the city.

At DENI’s café

We visited a street called “street of coffee and books”, which had almost nobody but just two of us, probably because it was too early.

Next, we visited the museum, which had exhibits about ethnic peoples, history and biology. Information about the burial rituals were interesting. Some tribes have a ceremony after 1-7 years of burial to say a final goodbye to their dead ones… Various baskets woven from bamboo were on display.

A backpack worn by males.

There was a pagoda nearby, so that’s where we went next.

For dinner we chose a street food vendor nearby and had some fried rice with sea food.

Streets slowly came alive as the sun went down. At every corner there was something cooking or sizzling.

We sat at a table to drink some beer and watch the people around us.