Đặk Glei – Vietnam – Day 22

Dec 25, 2019 — day 22 — 4h44m — 58km — mountains — long ascents and descents

Last night when I reached for the light switch on the wall and accidentally touched the night-light. It let itself onto floor tiles immediately and spread out in thousand pieces. Cost: 50K VND

Our host offered us “free x-mas breakfast”, so we took it. Xoi bap is a mix of rice, corn, beans and some other things and it was quite filling. On our way to the main road we stopped at a cafe. The coffee came with a glass of green tea and a bowel of ice cubes. We waited quite a while to get a finger high black sludge collect on top of the sweet condensed milk.

This part of the HCM road continued to be green and mountainous. We passed a couple waterfalls and saw a green rice field for the first time, and also: blue butterflies!

The hills were long and steep, about 10% in places. First we climbed about 15km non-stop to a waterfall, and after going down a while, climbed again about 5km before going down to reach a large town.

We had picked a hotel from the map, relying on the good reviews, although there were no English-speaking owner as promised, or was it cheap, but it was clean and we felt like we got the usual tourist price and overall quality was acceptable.

We went to the restaurant across the street to get a veggy rice dish. While waiting for our food, I tried to get beer by saying “bia” and pointing to a beer can in the fridge. I was ignored and offered a can of coke instead. After eventually getting the beer, my attempts to get green tea were equally pointless. We received two glasses of hot water.