Thạnh Mỹ – Vietnam – Day 20

Dec 23, 2019 — day 20 — 5h41m — 97km — My Son ruins — back to HCM road

To leave Hoi An, we followed one of the main roads to north west and connected to 14B. There were almost no clouds and it got hot very quickly. To reach the famous Mỹ Son ruins, we had to take a detour about 16km one-way, but it was well worth it.

These ruins belonged to a long gone people called Champa, of Indian origin. They practiced a form of Hinduism and left behind these brick buildings and sculptures. Most of the buildings were destroyed by bombings during the Vietnam-American war.

A Polish archeologist/architect, nicknamed Kazik, helped recover the site and he also worked many years on Hoi An. He died on the job after working for 16 years and remains a local hero.

After Mỹ Son, we had a quick lunch by the side of the road eating some fruits and reached the town Thạnh Mỹ on HCM road just before sunset.