Khâm Đức – Vietnam – Day 21

Dec 24, 2019 — day 21 — 4h17m — 58km — couple of 10% hills — dogs — waterfall — a big dam — good road surface.

The a/c was blowing too hard so we turned it off and slept with window open. In the morning, we sat at a banh mi place and ordered two with fried eggs as usual. The weather was cloudy but opened occasionally, with fierce sunshine. HCM road seemed well maintained; half the road was newly resurfaced.

The road followed a big river, though the water was low. There was a big dam on the way up, near the town we were aiming for today.

Settlements were few and far between, and they all had protective canines with a strange attraction to me. As soon as I appeared in the distance they got out to the road and let me know that I’m not allowed to cycle through. I tried to convince them by yelling or by throwing pebbles at them.

Surrounding area was lush, obviously being logged and regrown many times. It was nice to listen to and watch different birds when there were no roaring buses or trucks around. We saw a couple very small song birds and a black headed blue bird. And many colorful butterflies.

There was a waterfall next to the road, the largest we have seen so far. The bottom was accessable to allow bathing but we didn’t try.

This route had a few 10% hills to climb and the heat didn’t make it easier. Around noon we saw a restaurant and decided to get some lunch. The lady insisted on talking English to us and consequently we got some pork meat in our vegetarian rice dish.