Southern Tier: Perry to Tampa, FL

I am revisiting my plans on where to go next every minute. Plans are nothing, planning is everything. St Augustine is out the window; Gainesville too. My route makes a sharp right turn south.


When I reach Cross City, I run into a nice rail trail that goes beyond Fanning Springs — Nature Coast State Trail. Paved and treed pedestrian path with no motorized traffic for miles. I pass a steel bridge over Suwannee River and continue south into Chiefland. Riding on a wide shoulder on 19/98, I reach Goethe State Forest after a long 98-mile day and camp on Tidewater trailhead.


Exiting the state forest and reaching Dunnellon, “Boom Town of the 1890s”, I spot another excellent rail trail, the Withlacoochee River Trail that goes down to Dade City.


One of my good friends, Şefik who lives near Tampa, invites me to stay for a few days. We paddle on a local river among sleepy alligators.

54 days, 3137 miles.

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Date Destination Miles Duration
2014-12-13 Goethe SF, FL 98 07:20
2014-12-14 Sefik’s place, Tampa, FL 88 07:19

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